The No.1 Biggest Online Success Killer

It was about 20 years ago today that I first connected to the Internet it was through a telephone dial-up modem. It made this funny old dial-up connection sound, as a bounced back and forth on the phone line between our home computer and the world wide web, as the connection was established.

Do you remember that sound too?

I remember that experience like I was only just a few short years ago, but, in reality, the changes that I’ve seen develop online over the last 20 years have been remarkable.

Thinking back to that time the experience was very simple, there was far fewer things you could do and places you could go online, there were simple websites and early text chat systems. Then there were early search engines like Altavista, Lycos, and Netscape.

Google didn’t really start for another 2 years…about 1998, so apart from the early search engines and the early websites, the only other thing that would have existed online was some early directories and maybe very early forums.

But even back then, I remember people were still making money online they were still selling products usually information products and simple products but the fundamentals were the same.

However even when things were so simple, if you didn’t focus on the one thing that you wanted to leverage on that early Internet you would have had the same problem, that we have today…  

20 years later, we still face this same problem and it’s getting worse by the day!

The business owners back online in 1996 that did things consistently all had success online,  granted it was very simple so there was less Temptation not to focus on what really mattered, which was adding content to your website or growing your directory or forum and the people that built those sites, did very well because people slowly flocked to them as there were a lot fewer websites than the number of people looking for them.

Today the temptation for you not to focus on your online marketing and strategy is greater than ever, there are distractions, silver bullets, tricks, tactics, new websites and social media portals coming online every single day…

it’s a battle online today and they’re fighting for your attention

It’s ONLY those people that focus on their strategy and have the discipline to make that it a habit that will succeed. You must follow through with that process on a weekly basis until it’s second nature and it just continues to happen.

By not doing this you can fall into the trap of not reaching your full potential online because you’re jumping from shiny object to shiny object.

I’ve experienced this over the last 20 years and it’s real to say… that personally, if I had of focused more on one strategy, I would have been in a completely different position online.

I wish it didn’t take me this long to figure that out.

…because over the last 20 years I’ve pretty much seen it all, there’s not too many online strategies and media types that I don’t know about.

But at the end of the day, knowing about these things without implementing and consistently, repeatedly taking action it’s worthless !

Without FOCUS, all the opportunity online will do nothing for you.

So today the key is focus and commitment on the one thing that you can do online every week!

and if you do that you’ll reach more success in your business then you ever thought possible.

don’t get me wrong, when I say focus on a weekly activity I’m referring to creating & publishing content online that is going to help people – period!

Posting “selfie pictures” to Facebook and Instagram each week is probably not going to cut it

…unless you’re in the business of being some of the public celebrity.

So if you have a conventional business here’s some options:

  • maybe you want to write a Blog,  do it weekly
  • if videos are your thing  – publish a new video every week
  • say you’re a podcaster and you run a podcast  – do it weekly

Create a habit and have the discipline to follow through and never stop and you will win.

Side Thought: Many people today are already having huge success with “live content creation” in other words they’re broadcasting video LIVE from their mobile phones around the world to a live audience for interacting with and asking questions (Periscope, Meerkat, and Snapchat) I believe this is a real significant breakthrough for business owners because they now have the ability to create content and to connect with the audience in “real time” from anywhere (so watch this space)

The next step you need to take before you start publishing content is to identify,

-Who’s your target Market that has a problem you fix for them?
-What’s your Message that you’re putting in front of them?
-Where do they hang out… so what Media will reach them?

I published this on my Blog several weeks ago, Check full post here

You need to identify your market and what problem you help them fix and finally where you can reach them.

This is called Message to Market Match, and it’s how you dramatically increase the success rate of your marketing message.

The final step is Media, once you’ve got your market and your message, you’ll need to find your media… where are you going to find these people that WANT what you offer?

Pull them towards you   Your blog can be where you attract the most targeted people, as your targeted content will attract them as they search online for answers.

When you start to experience attraction marketing and that’s where the people that are looking for what it is that you have, and find your online content and start to engage with you.

If you do this correctly and capture their email address so that you can nurture them over time, this can be a game changer for your business as you can leverage your content into multiple channels  including email as this is the fastest most direct way to keep in contact with your target audience.

There is nothing better that having people love what you publish and consume it on a weekly basis, and over time these people have a very real chance of buying your products and services.

So remember, there’s nothing more important than creating content that helps people and as they consume that content they get to know, like, and trust you.

Over time, this leads to the situation in their mind that when they think about what it is, that you do, 

You are the Only Logical Choice to give the business too and that is what this is all about !

I hope you enjoyed this blog and next week’s blog we’re going to be talking about “Push Vs Pull Marketing” and how to dramatically increase the amount of interest and engagement you get with your marketing and your lead generation efforts, so lookout for that one.

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