G'day from Sydney Australia, I'm John Gregory and this is my story...

The Reason why I started this blog is because I used to be so sick and tired of working my 8-6 job working as a hack, struggling from paycheck to paycheck. I hated working for somebody else because my boss would never pay me what I was worth….And that’s why I started my own internet business online. By creating this website I hope to meet, network, and give back to other newbie entrepreneurs who are in the same situation just as I was….and hopefully my story can help inspire you to discover a better alternative just like I did when I started working from home, being my own boss, making money online.

The Day I QUIT saying - I CAN'T

All this started over 8 years ago when "I QUIT" Saying I can't ... and decided that I would be free to Live and Work Online on my terms and never have to work for another BOSS again and to this day I've had the blessing to do exactly that and as you read on you'll discover how this is possible for you too !

But before I get into all of that…..let me just tell you a little bit more about myself….

I’m a Born and bred Sydneyite, that’s slang for living in Sydney, Australia.
I love Sydney, sure it’s getting kinda busy these days but it’s a beautiful place to live…

Some of my passions are Snowboarding, and so far I have been boarding in France, Italy, USA, Austria, New Zealand and Australia >>>(yeah we got a few hills with a bit of snow) I also love motorsport and motocross, waterskiing and fishing….and
finally travelling the world….what a great experience it is…..

I’m the eldest of 4, and I grew up 45 minutes out of Sydney on a small hobby farm that my father ran. We had 6 cows, 12 chickens, and a rooster,
2 dogs a cat and hundreds of peach, plum and orange trees….
As a boy, one of the best things about living a little out of the city was we had 10 acres so that allowed me to get my first car at the age of 12,
I paid $400 dollars for it by working weekends…I loved tearing up the grass in the paddocks, I started off slow and got faster and faster until
one day I pushed just a little hard and by the age of 14 I had rolled it on its roof…Oops! … The funny thing was that when I rolled the car and
climbed out the engine was still running upside down and it took us a little while to work out how to shut the darn thing off.

I wasn’t hurt and after a few builders from across the road saw what happened they came over to help me push it back on the wheels. Later I cut the roof off and made the car a convertible (see pic)….I loved the freedom I had as a kid with so much great stuff to do…
So as I grew up and finished High School I had decided that Engineering seemed like a good fit for me as I enjoyed working on modifying and building mechanical stuff, so off I went to study in the field of Mechanical Engineering. Another deciding factor was that my father who was a Self Employed Mechanical Engineer, had done quite well for himself and as a young lad growing up it was great to have Dad around a lot more than most of my friends Dad’s the ones with corporate careers.

Two years into Engineering, I hated it….I hated all the math….It was such a drag getting up in the morning and spending all my time doing something that didn’t fulfil me in any way. I started looking ahead as I wanted to know what it was going to be like working as an engineer….What I saw didn’t excite me at all…..I mean these guys were working 60+ hours per week, still driving beat up cars and their income stopped dead if they left work for a week…

I wanted the freedom just like I had as a kid, I wanted to work from anywhere in the world, I wanted to follow my Dreams and be Celebrated in my Career, Not just Tolerated…

BUT how could this happen…Like was I just DREAMING…???

The whole "Entrepreneurial - make money from home" bug hit me. And the Struggle Began…

In the first 2 years of being involved with the internet and home based business….. I made a total of $127.10 ….I had enrolled 3 or 4 members (I even paid for some of them to join) so obviously my business was going nowhere fast….Arghhhh…so I went looking …I Went on A HUNT…. For the Secrets of Success Online….I joined all the GURU sites, I downloaded all the eBooks that Promised the “Holy Grail “of Internet Business Success. I paid Thousands of dollars joining the Guru’s business success systems….I downloaded so much stuff my computer crashed and burned never to work again….so now I had a dead computer …. A maxed out credit card and still no income….was I a No-Body….with No-Money and it would see No-Hope…

But I just couldn’t give it up, that Fire inside me, my Dream to be Free….was so strong, the reading and listening and studying the systems that I’d bought from the Guru’s had developed me inside….I was going to bash my head at this thing till I cracked the code.

I joined my 2nd Smoking Hot Opportunity in my 3rd year….This was the One, I roared into it flat out. The team I joined were having great success with 2-page flyers. So I got myself 10,000 and pounded the streets till 12am in the mornings and had them letter-box dropped within my first month….The phone rang, I sweated bullets, the guy wanted to know more so I drove over and delivered him my first info pack … the next day he called and was very interested….and he joined I now had my first partner…That month I sponsored 2 others and then every month on 3 more until my flyers stopped working so well…so I figured I had to deliver more flyers faster…so I went out and bought an old Postman’s motorcycle…some days I’d deliver 2000 flyers.

55,000 flyers later… I now had a team of 15 personally enrolled members….and then it hit me…nobody in my team was as committed as me…infact nobody had sponsored a soul….while I had made money in this business…I was nowhere near free….then came the newspaper ads and that about the $3000 co-op for a tv commercial….and it went on…and on….bashing my head against this wall…

All of that Changed when I discovered ….. My (Two) 2 Uncommon Mentors…

First, I discovered my Mentor, Joe Schroeder aka (The Meat Man) – Finally he gave me the TRUTH….he taught me to market myself FIRST, and help other people learn the truth of this great industry by teaching them how to market themselves FIRST.

Then I learnt the power of the funded proposal and how it could erase your advertising costs so you can advertise endlessly until you had found the key people to work with and build your primary business, but all the while you were creating daily cash regardless of whether people joined your primary business or not. This concept empowered me as I understood it was the model used by the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Tony Robbins, The New York Times, and many of the biggest companies on the planet…

What I learnt from Joe I combined with my primary business and my business exploded, I made more money in the next 6 months than I had in the previous 6 years, and my team started growing by hundreds of new affiliates every month. This concept took me from being a wannabe MLM’er to a Good News Merchant and a Business Capitalist…

I always thought social media was for kids…but my Second Mentor is Dennis Karganilla creator of MLMGoldMine.

Dennis created a Video that completely opened up my eyes and now I’m seeing that Yeah…you really can get free TARGETED leads who are excellent prospects for your business using online marketing and social media. Because C’mon, let’s face it……if your reading this right now….isn’t this the exact same way you found me? See what I mean…online marketing really works!

Dennis is a marketing Genius who taught me how to use web 2.0 to pass Videos (which is my specialty) and other information around the web bigger, faster and better in order to create a frenzy of traffic and laser targeted contacts. I can help you with these Insider Strategies that many in this industry have not figured out yet…the Social media and video sharing trends drive BILLIONS of hits to a handful of sites and there is no chance of it slowing down…..I now have turned around and are teaching these strategies and how you can Capitalise on the Billion dollar trends of Video Social Networking too...

What this means to you is:

• Generate Unlimited Free laser targeted leads for any business with Social media
• Drive Hundreds or even Thousands of Qualified people to your Website with Internet Video 
• Cash in on the Billion Dollar Streaming Media Industry (Online Video)
• Present yourself and your business 2400% better using Video
• Instantly Create your own Live Internet TV Channel
• Use Video to Build a Huge responsive list in weeks
• Use Video Email to blow the minds of your list subscribers

So that’s why I created this MyStory Page. This really changed my life and I would love to network and work with like minded people and really get the word out. So I encourage you to check out my Website or better yet feel free to give me a call at +61 407 231 944 Australia.

I would love to chat and hear your story….

So if you're sick and tired of...
• Buying leads over and over again
• Cold calling (smiling & dialing) until your fingers hurt
• Desperately chasing after prospects
• Losing your shirt advertising for leads
• Painfully getting rejected over and over again
• Dealing with all the wrong people (tire-kickers and looky-loos)
• Putting hours of hard work into your business and seeing little or even no results
• Not generating any income no matter how hard you try
If any of these things describe what you've been going through then my Prospecting Funded Proposal System is definitely for you.
I'll teach you how to:
• Build a name-branding "Who Is Page" and tell your story, show your pictures and talk about you, your passions, hobbies, and interests.
• Use Video and press releases to get free traffic and be posted in the search engines so people find you with your special unique keywords
• Post websites in the search engines so people find you with your keywords
• Use pay per click search engines like Google
• Use autoresponders which are VALUE based and not just opportunity offers or ads
• Use lead capture pages on all your websites to build your own list and market back to them
• Write articles and submit them to article distribution sites
• Create information products with your information embedded in them and make them viral
So if you’re thinking you’re at where I have been, or you are now enjoying some level of success with your business but just want to pull out the stops and take it to another level in 2016 then we need to chat – get to know me, my personal marketing tips, strategy and my internet video madness tactics by joining my free video newsletter at the bottom of the page.

Who I'd Like to Meet:

First let me just share with you who I *DON'T* want to meet.

I don't want to meet whiners.I don't want to meet complainers.
I don't want to meet people who have excuses up the *Wah-Zoo* for almost everything that they didn't accomplish in their life.


Because anyone who personally knows me knows that I'm a big-time *GIVER* and I freely give a whole lot more than I tend to take.

And over the last 10 years, I've tried to help out my friends, my family members, and a whole of bunch other people who I thought had good intentions and told me they wanted to learn what I was doing to work from home and make money.

So I worked my butt off.

I poured out my heart and soul trying to teach these guys everything I knew... showing them exactly what I was doing... and how I was able to work at home making money ...
(But still, no matter what I did... not one single person I taught applied anything that I ever showed them!)

It seemed like I wanted them to have success more than they wanted to have it for themselves! They always had excuses for not doing the things I told them to do. They always gave me empty promises telling me they would do what I told them later... but nothing ever happened.

(These guys were not doers and shakers but more like whiners and complainers.)

And so I finally just got sick and tired of wasting my time and energy trying to help out all the *WRONG* people.

These guys didn't want me to teach them what I was doing to make a lot of money... they wanted me to do it for them... and build a successful... Business for them... so they could stay home, eat potato chips, watch TV, and drink coke... hoping that I would make them rich!
Well, success doesn't work that way...and these guys really "Pissed Me Off!"

That's why if you're not someone who is *SERIOUS* about success... then don't even bother trying to add me as your friend because there's not much I can do to help you.

So then... who do I really want to meet?
If deep within you there is a Fire that burns-to-be-FREE
If your Ambitious and Entrepreneurial and are committed to Making it happen. If your desire so strong that you will listen and learn, apply the ideas and way of thinking that is the Master Key to the Greatest Entrepreneurs in the world.
If you understand that ALL Great Leaders and Entrepreneurs were at some stage great learners and by sitting at the feet of a qualified mentor they were able to erase in days the struggle and regrets that would have taken them years to overcome otherwise. If you agree with this - then we will be Masterminding in no time….

But the ideal person I'd really like to meet and work with is someone who's already had some level of success in the past.

Because once you see the latest trends I'm going to show you in MLM and with internet Video.
And once I show you exactly what I'm doing to make an *OBSCENE* amount of money .. every single month...

I can almost practically guarantee that once you see these new methods for promoting your business.....

You'll never promote your business the "old-fashioned way" ever again... because there's an absolute *FORTUNE* just sitting there for the first people who jump on this small window of opportunity, take action, and apply these little-known .. Business-building strategies today.

(And I'm totally serious too... that's no joke!)

I'm seeing the money pour in every single day from people all over the world who are applying these strategies..... But I'm hardly seeing anyone using these exact same tactics to promote their MLM businesses on the internet!

And so now's your chance to get a piece-of-the-action once you discover the business-building ideas I'm going to reveal to you on my Insider tips and strategies that gave given me this freedom for the past 8.5 years and you can get access to my content below!

Are You Ready ?

If you've read my story above, and or watched enough of my videos to know you'd like to CONNECT, then Click the Button Below and Send me a Private Message On Facebook and tell me about Yourself and what you need help with in your Online Business, Who Know's... we may even end up Working together, and crush it Online... But Let's Not Get ahead of ourselves. Say Hello Today, I look Forward to meeting you 🙂

See you on the “Other Side” this is Your Year,

John Gregory