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Robert Hollis Funnels that have Exitus in the follow-up

Here is how to get the funnels working for you

So you will see the link in the back office as explained in the video.  You should have signed up as an affiliate – if not sign up or if you have log in below –


The link for the funnel is in the back office as shown in the video – to avoid confusion its called SCP GAME PLAN FUNNEL and the link is below

  • https://lq297.isrefer.com/go/gameplan/YOURLIFEMECHANICUSERNAME/
  • https://lq297.isrefer.com/go/scpad/YOURLIFEMECHANICUSERNAME

The Exitus link we want you to use at the moment is this one as we may refer to it in the email follow up – YOU MUST PUT YOUR OWN EXITUS USERNAME IN – copy and and paste the link into the Social Links page as shown in the video and then put your username into the link.


We are all working to provide you email swipe, social media swipe, ad copy and more so you can promote this to targeted people who will love Robert’s stuff.



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